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cassandra clare and things you probably don’t know but should


Okay, everyone, gather around. It’s time for some schooling on the Harry Potter Fandom and some of the greatest fandom wank in its history (and considering that this is the HP fandom, that’s saying something). With the release of the City of Bones trailer, there’s been a whole lot of The Mortal Instruments on my dash, and consequently, Cassandra Clare. Now a bit of a disclaimer, I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion on Clare’s work. If you like TMI or any of her other series, then that’s perfectly fine, and it in no way makes you a bad person or wrong. But with the recent deletion of a lot of the Cassandra Claire fandom wank pages, I feel like before people give her another dime, they need to be informed or refreshed on all the crap she has pulled as a BNF in the HP fandom.

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In my artwork I always use printed matter - discarded books, magazines, and computer printouts; the cultural debris of our information society.  The sculptures I create reference Eastern and Western icons and intellectual figures, thereby exploring cultural meanings and concepts. I always use text in my work and the content of the texts are relevant to my sculptures. My finished sculptures often seem to be wood or marble, though they consist of paper. They are constructed in such a way that the various parts fit together in a seamless manner.


wrong door
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wrong door


sketches of younger!tenzin?? im trying to kind of differentiate him from drawing aang….somehow…

also ive been thinking: aang probably never had to rly stress abt propagating the single existing airbender line bc he’d been dating katara since they were basically preteens but for poor tenzin puberty must’ve been literal hell LMAO….


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can someone without an agenda either for or against zoe quinn and/or anita sarkeesian please tell me what's up with zoe quinn and/or anita sarkeesian


seriously i haven’t been able to find anyone who isn’t either:

  • totally committed to taking them down as if they were one’s sworn foe
  • determined to passionately defend as they are Feminism In Action

i would honestly like to know what they have or have not done, on an objective level. anita’s…

Eh, it’s hard to find anyone without an agenda in these tags.  It’s mostly really angry sjw and really angry anti-sjw’s throwing shit at each other.  I’m kinda a little more pro Anita because she’s a human being that doesn’t deserve to be harassed but her videos and views are pretty eh.  I find a lot of her points interesting, but kind of cherry picking and reaching.  I say this because I’ve seen some of her anti videos and they’re pretty much cherry picking and reaching.  The only thing that’s really definite is that

1> She’s slow at making her videos

2> She got more money than she needed because people sympathized when she was raided

3> there is concrete evidence of her saying that before she did this project she didn’t play games, and she had to learn a lot while making this series (I think her reply was that she had a love/hate on/off again thing with games, take it however you will).

4> She had uncredited fanart in her banner.  The artist went to tumblr saying that she wasn’t responding to her messages.  Since then Anita apologized, said it was because they found it randomly on a board, and she took it off her banner.  I think that’s completely resolved now.

5> She’s got a ton of short clips in her videos and people found that some of them she got off of youtube, more specifically let’s plays.  I don’t know if she responded to that (but I’m going to guess that she doesn’t anymore because now it’s taking forever to make on video).

That’s mostly anything that’s relevant.  I mean, there a ton of other issues but they are mostly a> benign irrelevant nitpicks or b> based on what you think of her character.  Like, people who think she didn’t play any of the games (even though she references playing them directly in a few panels/interviews so it depends on how truthful or how much of a liar she is), or the status of feminist frequency as a charity, or if she is taking all the money and running because people think she’s “dressed too nice.”  Once there was a picture of a pair of expensive gucci shoes she apparently bought, but it turned out to be photoshopped.  And there’s talk of her orchestrating her own raiding by provoking 4chan.  But like I said, if you think she’s a scam artist, all these things will reinforce your answer.  If you think she’s an angel, these don’t look like anything.

Zoe Quinn is a weirder one, and there are people who know better.

From what I know, the cheating thing seems to be confirmed with silence, no one has bothered trying to refute it.  Pro Zoe Quinn people are saying that gamers are being slut shamers, anti Zoe Quinn say that this is a gaming corruption/gaming journalism problem. 

The only thing that’s relevant to the gaming journalism thing is that she slept with a kotaku journalist named Nathan Grayson.  He has NOT reviewed her game, but has written positively about her game in an article and did not disclose his relationship.

The whole sleeping to get a good press/had sex and gave her good press is not proven, and it looks like he is either the only reviewer that she did sleep with or at least the only one anyone’s talking about.

Anyway both Nathan and Zoe Quinn deny that their sexual relationship impacted her press.  Kotaku went out and said after grilling Nathan Grayson, they do not believe it did affect his writing, and he only wrote one article in Kotaku that passingly mentioned Depression Game in good favor and that was probably written before their relationship went sexual, but people who are more skeptical say that he wrote other things outside of Kotaku.

Anyway, it’s unproven, but everyone already knows gaming journalism is a joke, I never trusted Kotaku anyway, and he should have absolutely disclosed his bias if he wrote anything of her.  Anything beyond that, and you’re swerving out of “Gaming Journalism is corrupt” and swerving into “Zoe Quinn is not a good person” and there’s a lot more evidence of that, it’s just how much you actually care about that.  Just read her boyfriend’s account if you want to know what she’s about.

Only other really relevant things are 1> she threw an unwarranted copyright claim at MundaneMatt to censor him and 2> She slept with her boss, and all the ethical implications of that 3> Zoe Quinn got press when she got harassed and raided by one of the chans.  Which may or may not have happened, it’s hard to tell.  She said she was hacked after the Five Guy’s incident too, some people claim she’s lying, but other sources like Adam Sessler says he witnessed her and other supportive indie people get attacked, and yeah, as ironic as it is when talking about gaming journalism, I actually trust Adam Sessler.  There are some accusations of gaming bias towards social justice and feminist conversations because a lot of people didn’t want to talk about the Zoe Quinn thing, but that’s all subjective shit.  Oh and something about being a jerk in a charity meant to promote female developers, idk.

I don’t know why I know all of this stupid shit, I’m not even that passionate about feminism in gaming.  I guess it’s kind of like a horrible car crash on a highway, but instead of the highway it’s the internet, and instead of cars its really angry people with too much access to social media.

*back flips into the sun*


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Sony E3 Highlights.

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She tried so hard to be brave, to be fierce as a wolverine and all, but sometimes she felt like she was just a little girl after all.